Dr. Rifai helped me put my life back on track. He and the RMS system gave the much needed HOPE, confidence and support that I lacked for such a long time. I am not skinny now, but I’m much leaner and more importantly, I am healthy! His RMS approach, education of a healthy lifestyle/changes (food/exercise/stress) helps me daily in making better choices. I continue to recommend Dr. Rifai and following RMS to anyone I know struggling with health issues and/or weight management. My plan is to be a lifelong client since I am human and require support periodically.
- Denise Cummings, RMS Believer
Dr. Tom Rifai has worked with my wife and me for more than 10 years. He has helped my wife with kidney health and weight management, me for lipid and now weight management. He has helped both of us be successful to not only achieve our goals, but maintain them as well. Working with his Reality Meets Science 5 Keys to optimal health has been very helpful, making lifestyle change seem manageable and effective. I have greatly improved my cholesterol, with no hint of heart disease progression (had stent in 2001) and have kept 15% of my body weight off for two years. RMS is not a diet. It is a lifestyle system. A healthy approach which also includes activity without grueling exercise. It’s simply sensible. Thank you Dr. Rifai and RMS!
- Margaret and ‪George Guzzio, RMS Believers
Both the RMS and Dr Tom Rifai feeds are jam packed with fabulous insights, information, support and videos about nutrition, health and wellness. All for free! Amazing! Reinspired, reinvigorated, and armed with a more balanced, plant based approach to nutrition, I have lost 23 pounds. But more importantly I have gained a spectacular, impeccable resource for my lifestyle journey. I truly want to thank you Dr Tom, and your team, for your devotion to us all. You ARE making a difference.
- ‪Melinda McCullough‪, RMS Believer
I love the RMS insights and motivation that Dr. Tom Rifai gives. The videos and information given keeps me on track and encouraged that I can keep the weight off. The support and encouragement is wonderful. I lost 200 lbs before coming across RMS and realized the journey would have been much easier if I had found RMS and Dr. Tom sooner. Thanks to the support I am preparing for a sprint triathalon and I know that I will complete it because of the support and encouragement provided here.‬
- Susan Gentner, RMS Believer